Unlocking Your Region's Potential:

4 Areas of Focus to Boost ICS Collaboration 

As organisations struggle with soaring patient care backlogs, over 133,00 full-time vacancies and annual agency spend surpassing £3bn, significant support is needed to ensure ICSs can overcome these challenges and meet their targets.

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To facilitate the next phase of collaborative working, our NHS workforce experts have identified 4 critical areas of focus to assist your region in unlocking its full potential.

  • Prioritise end-to-end workforce technology 

  • Increase retention by putting the clinician at the centre of workforce planning

  • Empower your region with accessible data reporting

  • Unlock cost efficiencies with temporary staffing software

What others say about us:

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"Whatever the coming months will bring, I feel confident that with our Collaborative Bank, North West London’s hospitals are now stronger, more collaborative, and better prepared than ever before."


Claire Gore, Director of HR & OD, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust