Optimise your workforce: mastering e-rostering in 2024


A panel discussion focused on how organisations can improve workforce management in 2024, overcome the current barriers to effective e-rostering and adopt solutions that enhance operational efficiency, reduce spend and elevate staff engagement.

Topics covered during the session

How e-rostering done right can help reduce current NHS workforce challenges

How an increase in flexible working patterns will influence the workforce management space

Considerations around the cost of providing a support team and training as part of a system procurement process

How Patchwork helped NCIC overcome several workforce challenges 

"RNOH have had a great experience implementing ‘Patchwork Rota’. The Patchwork team took time to fully understand our needs to help us design a rota that was easy to use and fit for purpose. Feedback from doctors and service managers has been very positive and we are very pleased with the result."
General Manager – Medical Directorate, RNOH
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